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  • Orthotics

    Performed on the initial consultation, foot typing revolutionizes biomechanics, custom orthotic casting and prescribing and the upgrading and improvement of shoe fit, lifestyle function, balance and quality of life and performance issues.

    Foot and Ankle Injuries
    Foot and Ankle Injuries

    As is often the case, an ankle injury is passed off as nothing more than “just a sprain” and a more serious problem is overlooked and thus becomes a persistent source of disability. With these...

    Sports Injuries
    Sports Injuries

    Sometimes there’s an undeniable “ouch” moment, when you’re pushing your body to its limits and you suddenly know that something has gone terribly wrong with your foot or ankle.

    Hammer Toes Surgery
    Hammer Toes Surgery

    There are several types of hammertoe surgeries used to correct this problem. Some surgeries may require general anaesthetic while others are completed safely under local anaesthetic. In most cases, hammertoe surgery can be done during...


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  • Shannon G Recommendation: Dr. Drapacs is an amazing podiatrist. He's very helpful and comforting and makes the experience more enjoyable than you'd think. He answers all your questions and doesn't treat you like a nameless patient.
    Shannon G
  • Jules M. Recommendation: Very Professional
    Jules M
  • Well, I was in alot of pain because of my ankles, bunions & legs, but Dr. Daniel Drapacz was very convincing for the choice which was most conveneint to me. He was nice, polite, humble & very humanly professional Doctor. I did not plan to start my treatment on my first visit but he understood my problems & suggested some better options which really was very helpful. I am very much sure that the pain which I am having currently will be cured very soon for sure. All my best wishes for the great human being Dr. Danile Drapacz. GOD BLESS HIM ALWAYS! AMEN
    Prashant P.

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Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Daniel Drapacz serves as Managing Director for Family Foot Care and Chief of Foot and Ankle Surgery for West Side Medical Center. He specializes in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle. Dr. Drapacz employs the latest Hi-Tech equipment and advanced surgical techniques to achieve superb results for his patients.

Dr. Drapacz graduated with honors from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. There he received extensive training in Foot and Ankle Surgery as well as Sports Medicine. He went on to complete the most comprehensive 2 year surgical residency at East Orange General Hospital. Dr. Drapacz was selected from his colleagues and was asked to serve as Chief Resident of Foot and Surgery. During his tenure he was responsible for the training and education of other surgical residents and externs in Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Daniel Drapacz has practiced podiatry since 1992. He specializes in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle...

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Dr. Brian Fano


Quality patient care is founded on training and experience, Dr Brian Fanno completed a three year residency specifically focusing on surgery of the foot and all related conditions.


About Dr. Blustein
Dr. Irina Blustein is a top-ranked podiatrist in New York City, committed to providing the highest quality care for foot and ankle injuries and ailments in patients at her Downtown Manhattan practice. With an emphasis on long-term symptom relief, Dr. Blustein offers the most advanced care options for an array of conditions, including bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, neuromas and nail problems like fungal nails and ingrown nails. Her state-of-the-art practice is equipped with the latest technology so patients have the broadest array of treatment choices for optimal relief of symptoms.



Internationally renowned Dr Fiona Connolly has been in private practice for eighteen years. She has comprehensive knowledge and training in all aspects of pathology of the foot and ankle.